Action Warnings

As an Instagram user, you should be aware of Instagram’s rules and restrictions to get high engagement and avoid getting banned. 

Although some people find Instagram limits annoying, it is for our own sake. You need to pay close attention to these!

We have created ‘Action Warnings’ in accordance with Instagram’s limits that indicate if you’re making too many actions through the Dollar Eighty chrome extension. 

What are Instagram actions?

An action is a like, comment, follow and unfollow. A DM is an action also, but you cannot DM through Dollar Eighty. 

How do action warnings work on Dollar Eighty?

We will warn you if you exceed a certain amount of actions per hour. You can dismiss these warnings, but we will continue to warn you if you continue to make actions in excess of our limit.

In the settings, you can completely turn off these warning but we strongly advice against that. 

What can I do to limit my actions of Dollar Eighty?

  1. Change your comment queue speed to Slow or Super Slow.
  2. Don’t like every comment.
  3. Don’t follow every account.

What is the best strategy to limit actions?

  1. Comment as fast as you like BUT make sure your comment queue speed is on super slow. Super slow posts comments to Instagram at a rate of 20 comments per hour. 
  2. Like 25 posts per hour.
  3. Follow 15 accounts per hour.

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