How does the comment queue speed work?

As a Dollar Eighty user, you need to understand what the comment queue is, how quickly Dollar Eighty posts comments to Instagram and how you can change your queue speed to best suit your Instagram account.

What is the comment queue?

As you make comments on Dollar Eighty, a queue will automatically form with the comments that have not yet been posted to Instagram. This will happen often. You can queue comments as fast as you like, but the cool thing is, you can choose how quickly those queued comments are posted to Instagram.

Tip: you need to keep your computer on and your Instagram connected so the queue can continue to run in the background.

What is the queue speed?

Dollar Eighty lets you change the speed at which the comments in your queue are posted to Instagram. We do this so you can safely set up a queue of comments that’ll post through the day on your computer.

There are four queue speeds:

  • Super Slow: 20 comments/hour
  • Slow: 30 comments/hour
  • Medium: 60 comments/hour
  • Fast: 90 comments/hour

We highly recommend taking it slow but ultimately, the power is in your hands.

What is the right speed for me?

  • Accounts less than 6-months old: Super Slow
  • Accounts with less than 500 followers: Super Slow
  • New to Dollar Eighty: Super Slow
  • Others: Slow

When you first start using Dollar Eighty, you need to take it easy at first. This means you should only make 20 comments (on super slow) and 100 actions for each of the first 3-days. You can increase the number of comments and actions you make on Dollar Eighty after day three. What is an action?

How do I change my queue speed?

  1. Log into your Dollar Eighty chrome extension
  2. Go to the settings tab within the settings page
  3. Scroll down to ‘queue speed’
  4. Click on the queue speed option you want

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