Dollar Eighty Groups

The Groups feature within the Dollar Eighty software has been built to encourage communities of likeminded people to come together and support each other’s Instagram Growth.

How it works:

Create your own group: If you are a premium subscribed user, you can easily create your own group for your particular profile nice. You become the admin of each group you create.

Group Member: You can request to join any groups and it’s up to the group admin to accept your request. Free users can join up to one group at a time.

Group Member Posts: Group member Instagram posts will be displayed within the group. This makes is it very easy to like, comment and engage with one another. There are some quick stats here so you never miss a post.

Chat: Reach out and ask your group for some advice. We hope that your group can provide you with some inspiration and encouragement to get the most out of the $1.80 strategy.

Invite: You can copy the group link and share it with your communities away from the Dollar Eighty platform. The link will direct those new users to your group.

We hope this helps!

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