Platform Update September 2021

Important change for Dollar Eighty

We’ve made a decision to rebuild Dollar Eighty as a web app rather than a Chrome Extension.

Unfortunately, this means we are removing some of our current features but frees us up to rapidly introduce more new and exciting ones.

We are refocussing on new features:

Dollar Eighty will be refocussing its efforts to help you find the perfect hashtags for your $1.80 strategy. This means introducing an intelligent new hashtag discovery system that helps you find the hashtags that work for you.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our users asking what targets will get the best results, so we’re working on a system that will make finding your targets easy and effective.

You will still be able to track your $1.80 progress, however, you will need to comment directly on the Instagram app or website and manually track your performance on the Dollar Eighty dashboard.

What’s just around the corner:

  1. Smart hashtag discovery. Find the best hashtags for you using intelligent search and related targets.
  2. Mobile-friendly dashboard. Take Dollar Eighty on the road with a mobile dashboard linked to your phone.
  3. New integrated social media platforms. TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

We appreciate our users and realize that some of these changes could be an inconvenience, but our goal remains to be the most helpful tool for completing the $1.80 strategy. 

Our new and exciting features will be rolling out quick, so we suggest you stick around.

Thank you for understanding,
The Dollar Eighty Team

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