How to link my Instagram account to Dollar Eighty?

Linking your Instagram is super easy! To link an account:

  1. Open Instagram in a new Chrome tab,
  2. Log into the Instagram account you do want to use,
  3. Go back to Dollar Eighty and it will automatically connect to the new Instagram account.
  4. If it doesn’t connect straight away, just refresh the page 🙂

Note: you can connect as many Instagram accounts as you like.

We do not store your Instagram password.

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Can I use more than one Instagram account with my Dollar Eighty account?

Yes! Dollar Eighty will use whatever Instagram account you have logged into. To change the Instagram account that is linked to Dollar Eighty: Open Instagram...

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To see what Instagram account Dollar Eighty is linking too, look in the top right corner of the Dollar Eighty dashboard. The accounts username and...

Why can I not use Dollar Eighty on other web browsers?

Dollar Eighty is a chrome extension. This means that it can only be used with the Chrome web browser. Don’t have Chrome? Download it here....

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