What is the Posts page?

Based on your Targets, we’ll show you the best posts for you to comment on each day.

The Posts page will be full of new and exciting content for you to be commenting on to complete your $1.80 strategy.

Posts Target

For each Target, Dollar Eighty displays how many likes and comments you have made towards it. You can also refresh the Target to update the posts.

Note: If a post has 2 of the same hashtags as you do for your Targets, then the like and/or comment will be displayed on both hashtag stats.

Top VS Recent

When using the Dollar Eighty software, both free and subscribed users have access to ‘top’ and ‘recent’ post options when commenting.

Dollar Eighty allows you to filter posts depending on popularity or the most recent. You can switch between the two on the top right of the Posts page. If you prefer one over the other, you can set a default by hiding to the Dashboard Settings.

‘Top’ and ‘Recent’ can have a very different effect on the way you engage. Top posts allow you to grasp the hashtags content and vibe. Whilst ‘recent’ have a greater possibility of having a smaller following plus they more likely to be active, therefore, increasing the chance of one reaching out, or replying to your comment. To view more tips and tricks check out our blog article.

Hashtags VS Locations

Having multiple forms of Targets allow more specific targeting so you can use both or choose the one that makes more sense for your niche. Switch between the two on the top right of the Posts page. Just note: Location Targets are for subscribed users only.

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