How to add a Hashtag?

Before you can start commenting on Instagram you will need to set up some Hashtags.

Adding a Hashtag

  1. Go to the Hashtags page
  2. Open the target collection you wish to add a hashtag to, or create a new one
  3. Click the green ‘+ Hashtag‘ button
  4. Search your relevant hashtags in the popup box
  5. Click to choose up to 10 targets for each collection
  6. Close the popup box
  7. You can arrange the order of the hashtags by dragging and dropping them
  8. Click the yellow comment icon on each hashtag to view the posts within Instagram

Tip: you can create multiple target collections to make it easier to move between hashtag niches.

Free Users: can add up to 10 Hashtags per target collection.

Premium Users: will see recommended hashtags and group hashtags

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