What is Dollar Eighty?

Dollar Eighty is an Instagram Growth Strategy formulated by world-leading marketer Gary Vaynerchuck. He suggests leaving your 2cents (your opinion) on 9 posts for 10 different hashtags.

0.02 (cents) x 9 (posts) x 10 (hashtags) = $1.80

How the $1.80 strategy works.

When you leave a positive, meaningful comment on 90 posts each day, you greatly increase your engagement within the Instagram community.

What this does over time is massively boosts your profiles awareness, engagement and community. The strategy allows you to target a specific audience to grow your reach within your chosen niche.

You want to be interacting in a meaningful and unique way. Thus, the more “real” the comments you write are, the more “real” results you’ll receive.

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