What is the ‘Weekly Allowance’?

The ‘Weekly Allowance’ refers to how many hashtags you can activate within a 7 day rolling period. Because of limitations with Instagram, you can only activate up to 30 hashtags in a 7-day rolling period. Once the 30 limit is reached, you can still reuse hashtags made active in the last 30 days so there is no break for your $1.80 strategy!

At the bottom left of the Hashtags page in the Active Hashtags container, we will display your current active count for the last 7 days. When activating a new hashtag, it will only go towards the count when you land on the Posts page, this is where we make the call to Instagram and therefore increasing the count.

When you hit the 30 limit this only means that you cannot active hashtags that have not been active in the last 7 days. Any hashtags used in that 30 count will be able to active, we will show you with a light blue hashtag what ones you can set active.

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