How to get the Dollar Eighty Widget

The Dollar Eighty widget is simple to install and start using.

  1. Create a Dollar Eighty account and connect your Instagram profile
  2. Add the Dollar Eighty Chrome Extension to your chrome browser here. It is a chrome extension so make sure you are using the Chrome browser.
  3. Make sure you are logged in to the Dollar Eighty Dashboard and have it open in your browser.
  4. Check that you have the same profile selected on Dollar Eighty as you do logged into Instagram, whatever profile is active in Dollar Eighty is the profile the comment count will go towards.
  5. Click on one of your active hashtags or just start commenting on your feed.
  6. Comment on posts and watch the comment count grow automatically!

NOTE: You will need to have a Dollar Eighty account to use the Widget. The dashboard is where you set up all your active hashtags. If you are using the Dollar Eighty dashboard you do not need to download and use the Widget.

Current Dollar Eighty Widget Version: 2024.1.54

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