Dollar Eighty Widget

The Dollar Eighty widget lets you manage and track your ‘$1.80 Growth Strategy’ directly on Instagram. It’s a tool that sits on top of the Instagram website that enables you to quickly choose between targets, comment on posts and count the engagement towards your growth. 

Everything you do on the widget syncs with your dashboard and vice versa.

Staying true to the $1.80 strategy, the widget is designed to always display your commenting progress bar. This is at the top, “front and center” so you will never lose track of how many comments you’ve made ever again!

Under the progress bar, the widget switches between two screens depending on where you are on Instagram: Targets and Comments.

Target screen:
The target screen is the home screen for the widget. From here you choose between your ‘target collections’, select a particular target category and click a target you would like to view on Instagram.

  • Clicking a target will show top posts, followed by recent posts.
  • If you comment on a target post it will track this comment on each target progress bar (as well as the main progress bar).
  • Click ‘add target’ to open the dashboard, search and save. The targets set in your dashboard will automatically show in your widget.

Comment screen:
When you click to comment on a post or open a post, the comment screen will automatically appear. There are three parts that make up the comment screen.

  • The main part is the previous comments. Like the dashboard, this shows the comments you have previously made with Dollar Eighty. Use this to quickly add a comment if it suits the posts. When you make a new comment, it will be added to this list.
  • The post stats show whether you have previously viewed, commented on, or have upcoming queued comments for these posts.
  • The profile stats appear when you open a comment. This displays the profile details, number of posts, followers, and following.

Remember: You actually comment on the posts themselves within the Instagram website.

How to:

How to view your widget:
To open the widget either open Instagram in a new browser and it should appear automatically*, or, if you have the Dollar Eighty extension pinned to the top of your browser, you can open it from there too.

*In the settings of your Dollar Eighty dashboard you can select whether or not to show the widget every time you open Instagram.

How to move the widget:
You can grab and move the widget to wherever best suits you. Simply click on the three lines in the top widget bar, drag, and top.

How to minimize/expand and close the widget:
You can easily minimize the widget for more screen space. Click the ‘touching arrow icon’ in the top widget bar and again to expand. To close the widget, click the X in the top bar.

The difference between Free VS Paid:
The widget is available for all Dollar Eighty users, regardless of whether you have a Free or Premium account. But, just like the dashboard, free users can only choose hashtag targets and track 10 comments/day, whereas a premium user can do everything.

How to view recent posts:
When you search a target within Instagram or open it from the Dollar Eighty widget, Instagram will display a list of posts. These posts are listed by ‘Top Posts’ at the top of the page and underneath that, you will find the ‘Recent Posts. Scroll down the posts until you see recent posts.

Can I queue comments on the Widget: 
Comments that you make directly on Instagram cannot be queued by Dollar Eighty. If you want to queue comments, you must use the Dollar Eighty extension dashboard. 

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