Using Profiles in the Widget

The Dollar Eighty Widget will count towards one profile at a time, however, profiles are easily interchangeable. The active profile will always be displayed at the top of the Widget and can be changed at any time. Switching profiles means comments will now count towards the new active profile, all comments made on the previous profile will be saved and you can come back to this profile and keep counting at any time. At this stage, the Widget only works with Instagram so we will only give you the option to switch and choose between your Instagram profiles that are set up in the Dollar Eighty dashboard. Why do I not see my Instagram profile?

Before you start commenting on Instagram

The Dollar Eighty Widget does not automatically switch to the Instagram account that is currently logged into Instagram. Make sure that the Instagram profile logged in is the active profile on the Dollar Eighty dashboard. How to connect your Instagram profile?

My profile is not showing up in the Widget?

If a user’s widget is not working after ensuring both above actions have been completed, you can contact our team at

Make sure you have connected your Instagram business account to Dollar Eighty. How to connect your Instagram profile?

How does Dollar Eighty interact with Instagram?

Dollar Eighty acts as a separate entity to Instagram. Instagram is entitled to carry out business in compliance with their terms and conditions and policies. Instagram maintains the right to limit or prevent commenting, deactivate accounts etc. Dollar Eighty essentially acts as a second party to Instagram and is in no way affiliated with Instagram. Dollar Eighty and Instagram act independently.

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