Hashtag Targets

Hashtag targets are a fantastic way to target specific posts that match your niche. Aim to find Hashtags that your audience would use or search regularly.

Within the Hashtags page, you can search and add hashtags to your Target Collections. Target Collections are used to organize your Hashtags.

Tip: Subscribe to Premium for access to Suggested Hashtags and Group Hashtags, which can help a lot when looking for new targets.

Suggested Hashtags

With a Premium account, you have access to Suggested Hashtags which will automatically appear in your Target Collections based on the Hashtag Targets you already have set.

Group Hashtags

With a Premium account, you have access to Group Hashtags which will display the top ten Hashtags in your Group. The top ten Hashtags are determined by how many people in your Group are using them, so the best targets will rise to the top.

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